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Man, Mahler, Marimba, cellphone. Two of these things do not belong.

MSNBC.com just published a story about a cell phone that stopped a performance of Mahler’s Ninth symphony last night at the New York Philharmonic. The offending phone was playing a marimba ring tone easily heard during the quiet section near … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Apple iPhone 4S teardown by iFixIt

If you’re curious about a range of Apple iPhone 4S technical topics from what’s changed from the Apple iPhone 4 to why can’t “lesser” iPhones run Siri, then take a look at this video from iFixIt:

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Want to guarantee that your next product is a huge success? Ask Apple’s Siri

Troy Wolverton is a News Columnist for the San Jose Mercury News and this morning’s paper carried his fascinating column on his growing infatuation with Siri, the intelligent assistant that lives inside of every Apple iPhone 4S. The column is … Continue reading

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Apple reports selling $1B of iPhone 4S Smartphones in three days. Is apps-driven design working as well for you?

Apple announced today that it has sold more than 4 million iPhone 4S smartphones since first product availability on Friday. That’s 4 million units in three days selling for $199 at AT&T to $649 for an unlocked iPhone 4S bought … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Macworld’s Jason Snell has a largely successful conversation with Apple’s Siri intelligent agent

Here’s an 11-minute video showing Macworld’s Editorial Director Jason Snell putting Apple’s Siri, the intelligent agent residing in the company’s new iPhone 4S, through some paces. This is a longer demo than the one at the iPhone 4S rollout and … Continue reading

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