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For consumer products, thin is in and NAND Flash is the prescription

References to supermodel Kate Moss aside, the recent Wired Magazine article by Christina Bonnington titled “Future of computing looks thinner” has a distinctly EDA360 tone to it. NAND Flash memory tends to have a slimming effect on the products it … Continue reading

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Apps-driven: Are mobile phones the agents of creative destruction?

EETimes editor Dylan McGrath published a really interesting article today about the demise of the Flip video camera. The article is titled “What’s Next?” and it starts out by exploring Cisco’s sudden termination of the entire product line it got … Continue reading

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Apps Driven: Which smartphone lasts longest when grilled?

Charcoal grilling is not one of the more common applications when you think about smartphones. In fact, most engineers will flinch at the mental image of roasting three smartphones on a grill. That’ show I felt when I read that … Continue reading

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