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You have six weeks to wait for the Semico IP Summit. What will you do until then?

Use of IP in the design of SoCs has long been a fact. The very name “SoC” says that you’re using microprocessor IP at the very least. With that comes memory IP, memory controller IP, interface IP, analog IP, etc. … Continue reading

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Friday Video: EDAC video of Feb 29 EDA CEO Forecast and Industry Vision Event

On leap day (Feb 29), EDAC held its annual CEO Forecast and Industry Vision event at Silicon Valley Bank in, er, Silicon Valley. Speakers included CEOs Wally Rhines (Mentor), Aart de Geus (Synopsys), Lip-Bu Tan (Cadence), and Ed Cheng (Gradient) … Continue reading

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EDPS (April 5-6) in Monterey tackles “Top EDA Problems” with speakers from Broadcom, Cadence, AMD, and Synopsys

Early next month in Monterey, California, the Electronic Design Processes Symposium will take on the “Top Five EDA Problems.” For the purpose of this event, these problems would appear to be DFT (design for testability), System-Level EDA, Parallel EDA, and … Continue reading


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Tales from the EDA CEOs: The EDAC panel talks about IP and SoC integration, power, and other topics

Richard Goering has written up last week’s EDA CEO panel, sponsored by EDAC (the EDA Consortium). The panel took place at the Silicon Valley Bank’s headquarters in Santa Clara, California and featured CEOs from four EDA companies—Cadence (Lip-Bu Tan), Gradient … Continue reading

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“Professor” Aart de Geus gives latest Techonomics lecture on collaboration and System Realization at the Semico Summit in Scottsdale

Last week, Synopsys Chairman of the Board and CEO Aart de Geus gave a keynote at the Semico Summit in Scottsdale. His topics were “Techonomics,” collaboration, and systemic complexity. Techonomics is de Geus’ name for the fusion of technology and … Continue reading

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