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Daniel Nenni at SemiWiki publishes a [very] brief history of the SoC

Daniel Nenni has just posted a very brief history of the SoC, with heavy emphasis on SoCs for mobile products. The emphasis is probably warranted because mobile designs really have driven SoC design for the past decade. One of the … Continue reading

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If Aladdin’s Genie lived in a Computer-on-Module, it might look like the Gumstix Overo

One of the funniest lines in the 1992 animated Disney movie “Aladdin” is when the frenetic blue Genie, voiced by the incredible Robin Williams, describes his situation: “PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS; Itty-bitty living space,” referring to his life in a lamp. … Continue reading

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Playing poker with applications processors: Can two ARM Cortex-A15 cores beat four ARM Cortex-A9 cores?

One maxim in the multicore biz is that more (processor cores) is better. Is that really true? All the time? “No” says Texas Instruments. In connection with this weeks (MWC) Mobile World Congress neing held in Barcelona, Texas instruments has … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Dave Jones’ Amazon Kindle Fire teardown reveals several System Realization secrets

Everyone enjoys a good product teardown and no one does them better than Dave Jones, who publishes the EEVBlog. This week, Dave tore into the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet and reveals a few juicy tidbits from its system design. … Continue reading

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