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IEEE Computer Society Lecture—Creating System-On-Chips: Mixing HW & SW Successfully

As soon as we started to incorporate processors on ASICs, thus instantly creating SoCs, hardware/software integration issues became fully intertwined with chip design. Today, we routinely put a dozen or more firmware-driven processing elements on our SoCs so the issues … Continue reading

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Latest version of SystemC, IEEE 1666-2011, now supports TLM 2.0

Chocolate and peanut butter go together. So do SystemC and transaction-level modeling. Just not officially. Until now. Earlier this month, the IEEE Standards Board approved a revision to the IEEE 1666 SystemC standard to bring the widely used OSCI (Open … Continue reading

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Free Webinar teaches you how to mix C, C++, SystemC, and SystemVerilog verification models within UVM—October 20

Our world is filled with mixed verification models and that fact isn’t going to change soon. If you would like to learn how to efficiently combine mixed verification models to work within the Accelera Universal Verification Methodology (UVM), then there’s … Continue reading

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An ESL reference flow for TSMC

Yesterday, Richard Goering published a blog about an ESL reference flow, which is now part of Reference Flow 11.0 that TSMC introduced last June. The ESL reference flow is a validated path for high-level descriptions that produces designs through the … Continue reading

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