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GSA Silicon Summit to highlight cutting-edge IC technologies: 3D IC assembly, FinFETs, and SOI. April 26, Silicon Valley

The Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) is sponsoring a half-day event that will drill down into three of the leading-edge IC manufacturing technologies of the coming decade: 3D (and 2.5D) IC assembly, FinFETs (or Tri-gate FETs), and silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrates. The … Continue reading


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Friday Video: Intel does 22nm, 3D, and humor in one video. Who knew they had it in them?

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Are FinFETs inevitable at 20nm? “Yes, no, maybe” says Professor Chenming Hu

Intel announced in early May that it would be using “Tri-Gate” FETs to build microprocessors at the 22nm node. (See the previous EDA360 Insider post “3D Thursday: Intel and FinFETs (Tri-Gate transistors)—a different kind of 3D”). Intel’s Tri-Gate transistor structures … Continue reading

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3D Thursday: Intel and FinFETs (Tri-Gate transistors)—a different kind of 3D

Earlier this month, Intel announced that it will be using Tri-Gate transistors (FinFETs) to build microprocessors at the 22nm process node. The microprocessor is code-named “Ivy Bridge.” It will be a 22nm version of the company’s Sandy Bridge processor and … Continue reading

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