Are you itching to tell people what you’ve done? For those that are…

CDNLive! Silicon Valley 2012 takes place on March 13-14 next year (and the end of this year is coming fast!) in San Jose, California. If you’re just itching to tell people about your design experience, then CDNLive! might be just the right place for you to do it. With its expanded sphere of interest through EDA360, Cadence wants to showcase work in all sorts of specialties such as:

  • Custom/Analog and RF IC design
  • Digital IC design
  • Functional verification
  • IC packaging (including this year’s hot new topic: 3D ICs)
  • Low-power design
  • Mixed-Signal IC design
  • System design and verification
  • Hardware/Software codesign

If you’ve done any of these activities and have

  • a success story to tell
  • a checklist to follow, or
  • a warning that describes some design pitfalls

Then we want you! More info here.  

Also, now is a good time to mark your calendar for the event, even if you just plan to be a participant. All you need to hear is one good idea over the two-day event to make it all worthwhile. And if you’re giving the presentation that makes the event worthwhile for someone, then good karma is yours.


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