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Friday Video: Get the latest skinny on the IPC-2581 open interchange standard for PCB design

Dave Jones down in Australia (not Austria!) is attending the Australian Electronex show in Sydney and he’s posted a long video where representatives from the IPC Designers Council discuss the relatively new IPC-2581 standard for describing printed circuit boards and … Continue reading

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OrCAD Marketplace opens on the Web. Preview OrCAD apps. Download symbols, footprints, simulation models.

Previously, the OrCAD Capture Marketplace was accessible through OrCAD itself. It’s still there but you can get a look at the latest apps to enhance OrCAD (some free and some try-before-you-buy); download symbols, footprints, simulation models; and get a look … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Want the basics of PCB design in 45 minutes? Dave Jones delivers yet again with a free tutorial.

Well, Dave Jones is at it again. This time, he’s recorded the screen of his PC as he lays out his power lab supply board. In 45 minutes, you will be able look over Dave’s shoulder and hear him discuss … Continue reading

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EMA Design Automation announces FootprintGen—an app for Cadence Allegro and OrCAD PCB design tools that cuts the time needed to design PCB footprint models for new components

Like painting, prep work is critical in PCB design and one of the most important parts of that prep work is to develop footprints for all of the components on the board before starting the overall design. Generally, an experienced … Continue reading

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SymbolGen app for OrCAD Capture sucks data out of PDF data sheets and automagically creates live schematic symbols—you save a ton of time

At the end of November, EMA Design Automation rolled out a new OrCAD app called SymbolGen. It works a bit of magic that can make any pcb drool: it “automagically” extracts data from a component data sheet (in PDF format) … Continue reading

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Need to tackle the latest PCB design challenges? October PCB seminars can help. FREE!

Printed-circuit board technology is undergoing rapid change and there are several new challenges to overcome. Some of these challenges include: Multi-GHz differential-pair signal distribution Complex power-distribution with multiple voltages and high-speed, high-current delivery requirements Ever-escalating ASIC, SoC, and FPGA pin … Continue reading

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New apps for pcb designers in the OrCad Capture Marketplace speed common design tasks

EMA Design Automation has just added five new apps to the Cadence OrCad Capture Marketplace. These apps are small additions that add big features for printed-circuit-board design teams and they help to automate several chores that all such teams must … Continue reading

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Apps for EDA?

In the EDA360 universe, products are apps-driven. You see this in mobile phones, you see it in tablets, you see it in printers, and you’ll be seeing it in other products as well. How about EDA itself? Well, EDA hasn’t … Continue reading

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