Friday Video: Webinar of NVIDIA GPU talk now online

A couple of days ago, I wrote a blog entry on Michael Shebanow’s GPU talk given to the local IEEE Computer at Cadence. (See “What would you do with a 23,000-simultaneous-thread school of piranha?…asks NVIDIA.”) Now, you can watch the recorded Webinar for free. Click here.


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2 Responses to Friday Video: Webinar of NVIDIA GPU talk now online

  1. Adele Hars says:

    Steve, is there any simpler way of viewing this? I’m an IEEE member, but after registering for what I thought was the Web version of the event, it seemed to want to give me paper tickets! Just want a link and a password to see it online (I’m a Linux user, too, so don’t use the Microsoft Silver-whatever interface…). Thx.

  2. Steve Leibson says:

    Adele, it’s not under my control but I will pass your comments to the organizers.


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