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Samsung extends Android Galaxy to a credible point-and-shoot camera

You can now add Samsung to a small-but-growing list of digital camera vendors offering Android-based point-and-shoot cameras. The first was Nikon, announcing the S800c camera last week. (See “Nikon announces Android-powered camera: the $349 Coolpix S800c”) Now Samsung has introduced … Continue reading


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Nikon announces Android-powered camera: the $349 Coolpix S800c

Nikon has just announced an Android-powered point-and-shoot camera—the $349 Coolpix S800c. It’s a 16Mpixel camera with a 10x optical zoom but the real innovation appears on the back in the form of a touch-panel LCD 0.8Mpixel OLED display that is … Continue reading

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Friday Video: DPReview looks at the Lytro Light Field Camera. Worth it?

I’ve written before about the Lytro light field camera because it is a fascinating product that departs radically from our concept of how photography is done—a concept based on nearly 200 years of photographic developments. Briefly, a Lytro camera captures … Continue reading

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