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Samsung extends Android Galaxy to a credible point-and-shoot camera

You can now add Samsung to a small-but-growing list of digital camera vendors offering Android-based point-and-shoot cameras. The first was Nikon, announcing the S800c camera last week. (See “Nikon announces Android-powered camera: the $349 Coolpix S800c”) Now Samsung has introduced … Continue reading

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Nikon announces Android-powered camera: the $349 Coolpix S800c

Nikon has just announced an Android-powered point-and-shoot camera—the $349 Coolpix S800c. It’s a 16Mpixel camera with a 10x optical zoom but the real innovation appears on the back in the form of a touch-panel LCD 0.8Mpixel OLED display that is … Continue reading

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Android-based, open-source gaming venture OUYA raises nearly $5 million on Kickstarter (so far, 22 days left to fund)

Gamers are passionate. This time, they’re passionate enough to more than completely fund game console startup OUYA’s drive to produce in volume what it’s already prototyped: an open game console for the television. If you’re not a gamer, you might … Continue reading

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$2.50 buses from Silicon Valley to DAC! FREE WiFi. But you need to get a ticket. Hurry. Seats are limited

DAC takes place in San Francisco at Moscone Center. You are in Silicon Valley. It’s a classic Point A to Point B problem. Solve the problem for pocket change this year. Buses with FREE on-board WiFi will run from the … Continue reading

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Qualcomm reveals more Snapdragon 4 SoC details in a White Paper. Want to know what’s inside?

As I reported by the EDA360 Insider more than two months ago—see “Qualcomm renames existing ARM-based Snapdragon mobile application processors and provides future roadmap”—Qualcomm has been discussing the 28nm version of its Snapdragon mobile SoC, called the Snapdragon 4. Now … Continue reading

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