Watch Lexar make them memory chips – Months of time compressed into six minutes of video

No matter how many times I’ve toured a fab in a bunny suit, I continue to be fascinated with the advances in mass production that allow our industry to ruthlessly drive cost/performance down and to the right over time in accordance with Moore’s Law. Combine these advances with a well-shot video and some unobjectionable, easy-listening rock and roll music and you get Lexar’s six-minute video of the process from the Micron fabs in Idaho that make Lexar’s chips to the dicing, packaging, and testing operations in Asia. It’s only six minutes, but fun to watch.

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2 Responses to Watch Lexar make them memory chips – Months of time compressed into six minutes of video

  1. Why wouldn’t Micron keep a production facility for these devices in the USA. Instead they send the wafers to Asia and provide the low to mid level skilled jobs over there and non for they USA where they are desparately needed. I am in agreement with China, the product should be made where it is sold.

  2. Mike Clayton says:

    I am amazed the Micron fab is still in the US, let alone the assembly and test operations. The corporate tax structure in US (not the wage differences) is what makes companies move manufacturing offshore. Both LEFTIES and RIGHTIES agree on some of the issues, so change is likely to come, but slowly due to all the POSTURING in the Congress to get re-elected by people that have no clue what is really limiting jobs in the US. Healthcare reform actually will create jobs. Tax reform will create many more jobs, that requires SHIFTING the tax burden from companies that BUILD things to companies that only launder money (add transaction tax to Wall Street, but remove Corporate Taxes for companies with US employees, and add incentive for offshore branches of US corporations to “bring the profits home” by eliminating the 35% repatriation of profits tax (for profits AFTER paying offshore taxes…duh) IF the company re-invests those profits in US operations creating US jobs.

    Many more ideas like that out there…just stop the whining and posturing in Congress and get the tax system reformed (revenue-neutral, that means ADDING taxes and REMOVING taxes based on JOBS created, with financial transactions taxed, and corporation stockholders taxed instead of corporations and stockholders (double taxation).

    And of course, use Lean Manufacturing Methods and Lean Healthcare methods.

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