Is it all about the [embedded] apps like EDA360 says? ARM and Avnet open an online software store for embedded developers

In a very surprising move first thing today at the ARM TechCon 2011 event, Avnet Electronics Marketing and ARM announced a new Embedded Software Store where you can search for, purchase, and download embedded software and development tools for ARM processors. Initial software vendors with downloadable products in the store include Adeneo Embedded, CMX Systems, Cypress Semiconductor, DigiCore from Digilink Software, DSP Concepts, Genesys Ideation, HCC Embedded, InterNiche Technologies, Keil Software (ARM), Micrium, Motomic, STMicroelectronics, and YaSSL. There are currently about 15 vendors represented in the store, 10 more in the contract pipeline, and 50 on the target list. Currently, the software fills three categories: middleware, operating systems, and tools.

ARM’s purpose here is to help accelerate the growth of its software ecosystem. Avnet’s intent, according to Corporate VP Harley Feldberg (who is also President of Avnet Electronics Marketing), is to “sell more ARM-based semiconductors.”

The store opened for business today and you can find it here.


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