Daniel Nenni in SemiWiki: 20nm is like mango beer. Surprisingly, “very good!!!”

Virgin Islands Topical Mango Pale Ale from St John Brewers

Well this is a strange analogy that would never occur to me. Daniel Nenni in his new SemiWiki post compares the 20nm process node to—of all things—mango beer. He writes:

“As it turns out, the mango beer is very good! Same goes for 20nm planar devices. ‘Will not work’, ‘Will not yield’, ‘Will not scale’, as it turns out 20nm is very good!!!”

Nenni continues:

“The industry is at an inflection point and the business model is changing. A simulated IDM environment is required for fabless semiconductor companies to be competitive at the advanced process nodes, absolutely.”

Be sure to read the full post, here.

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