Could 28nm be the gating factor for LTE handset deployment? Aftermath of the Apple iPhone 4S rollout

Yesterday, Apple introduced the iPhone 4S, an improved 3G phone. It’s not the 4G LTE phone many were expecting. Anand Lal Shimpi of immediately published an article with a really interesting conjecture: LTE handsets await a mainstream 28nm process technology. I find the reasoning interesting and Lal Shimpi’s analysis of the Qualcomm LTE modem roadmap is well worth reading.

Here’s the link to the article: “Why No LTE iPhone 5 in 2011? Blame 28nm Maturity, Check Back In Q2/Q3 2012

Also see the EDA360 Insider’s own coverage of the Apple iPhone 4S introduction: “Today’s Apple iPhone 4S intro emphasizes apps. Built-in apps

And, see this post as well: “Ready to dip a toe into 28nm?


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