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Friday Video: Mars Curiosity Rover takes first drive, proves out drive mechanisms

The Mars Curiosity Rover took its first drive a couple of days ago. This 2-minute NASA video discusses the successful tests of forward and backward motion and turning. It also briefly discusses the telemetry that NASA scientists and engineers are … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Mars Rover video goes viral—We’re NASA and We Know it

Hip Hop and NASA? Whoda’ thunk it? Some fevered brain saw the connection between NASA and LMFAO.

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Friday Video: First flight of NASA Morpheus VTOL lander ends quickly and badly

The first untethered flight of NASA’s Morpheus vertical takeoff and landing vehicle ended quickly and badly. And then Morpheus exploded. As explained by the person who posted the following video on YouTube, “It appears to have had a guidance failure.” … Continue reading


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Learn to use AI in design work after a great slice of Costco pizza. The talk is free. Pizza: $2

Next month’s meeting of the Santa Clara chapter of the IEEE Computer Society is about the successful use of AI in design. Specifically, the talk by Professor Jason Lohn of Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley Campus, is about the use … Continue reading

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Friday Video: SpaceShipTwo is a perfect example of a way to “Think Different” for System and SoC Realization teams

Everyone knows that the way into space is to put a small capsule on top of a large amount of volatile fuel and launch it into space with a thunderous roar. Until the Space Transportation System (Space Shuttle) was developed. … Continue reading

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