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Friday Video: Mars Curiosity Rover takes first drive, proves out drive mechanisms

The Mars Curiosity Rover took its first drive a couple of days ago. This 2-minute NASA video discusses the successful tests of forward and backward motion and turning. It also briefly discusses the telemetry that NASA scientists and engineers are … Continue reading

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How to program all of those SoC processor cores? Answers from Jim Ready. Free event, September 18.

While we can stamp out processors galore on an advanced-node SoC, programming those processors is another matter entirely. Yet “multicore” and “many-core” SoC designs are the in-vogue approach to processing performance. How to solve this dilemma? Get a glimpse of … Continue reading

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3 disruptive embedded hardware/software trends from Michael Barr

Michael Barr was the Editor in Chief of Embedded Systems Programming magazine for several years; he has stayed connected to the wider world of embedded system development; and he’s definitely got an informed perspective on embedded development. Barr published a … Continue reading

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DARPA wants a more PERFECT processing engine with a 75x improvement in GFLOPS/Watt. Want to play?

Further proof that power consumption now rules the design envelope is the announcement of DARPA-BAA-12-24 calling for an increase in embedded computing power efficiency from approximately 1 GFLOPS/W to 75 GFLOPS/W. If you think all of that efficiency improvement is … Continue reading

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Real Case History: Virtual Platform shrinks embedded software debug and troubleshooting time from days to minutes

This new blog by Jason Andrews (an Architect at Cadence who specializes in hardware/software coverification and embedded software) recounts the experience of one software engineer, stymied by a problem running on a real prototype, who switched to a Virtual Platform … Continue reading

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Jack Ganssle’s C rant. Essential reading for any System Realization team. I mean it

I’ve mentioned Jack Ganssle many, many times before. In my opinion, he knows more about software quality, and how to get it than anyone else in the business that I know. He’s just written a picture-perfect characterization of C. It’s … Continue reading

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