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Friday Video: Eyeing the eye of 5Gbps USB 3.0 signals with a 13GHz digital scope

Before he has to return his 13GHz, 40Gsamples/sec Agilent 90000 series loaner scope (Digital Signal Analyzer) and its equally pricey test probes, Dave Jones uses it to check out the 5Gbps USB 3.0 signaling and signal integrity in a new … Continue reading

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LeCroy’s “Basic” Edition Advisor T3 USB 3.0 Protocol Analyzer costs $2995

The latest USB buzz has notebook computers with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports becoming common by mid year, thanks to last week’s announcement of USB 3.0 protocol support in Intel’s 7-Series chipset for current-generation Intel Core processors and next-generation Ivy Bridge … Continue reading


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Is there stuff you don’t know about SuperSpeed USB 3.0?

Last week, I attended an all-day Agilent seminar on a variety of interface standards including USB 3.0. As it turns out, there was a lot I didn’t know about USB 3.0. Perhaps you did not know some of these things … Continue reading

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