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Smartphones: Where PCIe has not gone before—but will. Sooner rather than later.

Rick Merritt has just published an interesting article in EETimes: the PCI Special Interest Group (PCI SIG) expects to announce an adaptation of the ever-popular PCIe interface for mobile devices including smartphones. Merritt reports that the PCI SIG and MIPI … Continue reading


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How many SSDs does it take to saturate PCIe Gen 3? Would you believe 16 drives?

It’s now possible to conduct some interesting performance tests on real PCIe Gen 3 products and the video below shows you a PCIe Gen 3 RAID card talking to 16 SSDs, which is the number of drives needed to saturate … Continue reading

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AMD’s new Trinity APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) for laptops/notebooks is a poster child for IP-centric SoC design

Yesterday, AMD introduced its second generation of A-series APUs (Accelerated Processing Units) that combine two to four Piledriver x86 microprocessor cores—each with 2Mbytes of L2 cache memory—with a Radeon 7000 GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), an HD Media Accelerator, a display … Continue reading

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PCI Express takes on Apple/Intel Thunderbolt and 16 Gtransfers/sec at PCI SIG while PCIe Gen 3 starts to power up

Two articles from EETimes give an exciting picture for PCI Express’ short- and long-term future. On the most immediate front, 23 adapter cards and 19 systems from PC and peripheral makers participated in the most recent PCIe Gen 3 plugfests. … Continue reading

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